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Ansel is the foster-son of the High King of Aralan. After his father leaves and his Evik, Ansel's brother and the appointed heir, rebels, the throne falls unexpectedly to Ansel. With the throne comes the responsibility to prevent the impending war brought on by Evik's rebellion. Pitted against the ancient enemy of Aralan, the Lord Shudiri, and the Lord Shudiri's superhumanly strong and unbendingly ruthless heir, Ansel must find a way to protect those he loves and preserve Aralan from ruin until the High King returns. But as time passes and the High King does not come, Ansel wonders: can faith win a war? Is it enough to believe in and follow the promises of the High King, or will the strength and faithlessness of the Lord Shudiri and his heir triumph?


Copyright 2017 by Emily Schaeffer

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