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Wings of Dust

Bria (Staff)
  • Charlotte Anderson - 2015 - Finalist - Fantasy - PDF: Wings-of-Dust.pdf

Ris has been despised all her life for having the ability to shapeshift into a fairy. Her only consolation is her music, and a few friends who have no idea of what she’s hiding. When her secret gets out, and Ris discovers that her half-sister may soon suffer from the same lonely fate that she has, she and her sister flee to a different part of the country. There, Ris meets Des, a rambunctious young man with a family unlike anything she’s encountered before.
Other forces are at work. The Makil prepare for a revolution, and Ris and her sister are unwittingly right in the middle of it. Ris must struggle to discover her magic and fight against someone she once thought a friend, or lose her sister and her life.

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