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When the Stars Are Singing


A dying boy. A king. The stars. An orphaned girl. To each of them I promised something. I intend to keep my promises, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Between Dubslán’s determination, my idiocy, and Maedóc’s daring, I’d have been lucky if I didn’t end up with everyone in Albion wanting to kill me. But I’ve been unlucky since the day I was born.

I know I have to stop Dubslán—do more than that, really, since I’ve promised—but that’s far easier said than done. The king’s been trying for years. Besides, when you’re busy trying to survive, what time do you have to make sure someone else doesn’t? And a fifteen-year-old girl against a man, and a man like Dubslán? What are the odds?

Copyright 2014 by Meredith West

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