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Under the Weather


There is one word that Grady knows best: control. Each morning, he wakes up and takes a pill to control his mind, to keep him stable and capable to work. Each day, the government controls him by providing a specific, complex job to do. And each hour, he struggles with others like himself to control the most volatile, unpredictable, painful force on earth—the weather.

After sixteen years of control, Grady is ready to be free, but he isn’t ready for the balance of the sky to tip over. He isn’t ready for a storm that defies the weather regulation he works hard to achieve. So when all of the control goes away, Grady grabs a hold of the one thing in the world he can trust—himself—to try to fix the problem. Grady must change places: from being controlled, to the being the controller. Can he stop the unbalanced weather from destroying a world he knows can be better, or will the choices he makes along the way shatter him?

Copyright 2014 by Chandler McGinnis

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Wow. This reminds me of an OLD novel idea I had about a boy whose emotions could control the weather!! 

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