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The Reverse Road

Bria (Staff)

Ford Harding spends his days locked in the Reminding Prison of Camaere, the most sensible punishment in the country. His world is made of iron bars, prison food, and fear. There is a message beaten into his mind every waking hour, a new kind of panic at each turn, and a filthy magic that feeds the cell.

After stealing the most valuable object in the country, Ford belongs in prison.


It all changes when a mysterious line of ships appear on the horizon, purple mist seeps out across the city, and the sounds of the world are ripped from existence. Ford is pulled from his cell and given a job by the King that requires a thief’s mind. But with his prison scars, how can he complete the task? The misty beings in the ships are faster than he is, powerful, and more creative.

And the misty beings are not damaged.


Copyright 2015 by Sam Cooper

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