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Survivor One


Henry Nartel has lived a rough life, and his one attempt to become more honorable than his parents ended in failure after being court-marshaled under false charges. Fellow ex-military buddy Greg Barrett has joined with Henry, and managed to scrap together enough money to purchase a transport, the Consumer, and have started a fairly productive business as independent shippers. With his past failings, Henry's emotions are wreaked, and he is now a rude and rather bitter man, often disgusted with the way of the universe.

After receiving orders to fly to Myrmidon to pick up a top secret cargo, a enigmatic alien calling himself Farix attaches himself, claiming to have been hired to tag along, despite Henry not being informed of such. After multiple pirate attacks of which Farix helps them to escape, they pick up their cargo, only for Henry to discover they are carrying four nuclear missiles, which are heavily restricted by the InterGalactic Government.

Henry must face his past, and learn to lean on friends, or their cargo run will be their last.

Copyright 2012 by Richard LaRue

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