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Mr. S.

They say power is the most influential tool known to mankind. It is also the cause of corruption and source of much suffering. No one knows this better than Jacabo, hated for the simple characteristic of having white eyes. But it’s about more than just his eyes. It’s about what his gaze can do. Jacabo has the power to kill with a glance; the capability to conquer the world, or destroy it. He has the opportunity to do neither.

Because of many driven by fear, one driven by hate, the Sightless have been killed, enslaved, and mutilated for countless generations. Now those unlucky enough to be caught are at the mercy of a man simply known as “the Warden”, a man willing to go any length in order to fulfill his vengeance and find his reward.

But revenge is a vicious cycle, and when Jacabo is given the opportunity to break the cycle, he is faced with the choice to repay the debt or find a way to break it. Forgiveness is even harder, however; especially considering the power that Jacabo has. But he knows what he can do. He knows his power. Because he remembers the day his mother died at the eyes of the Sightless. His eyes.

Will Jacabo learn to forgive? Or will he turn a blind eye like the rest of them?

Copyright 2011 Miguel Flores

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