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Shining Scars


All her life, Hag has been reminded of the ugly scars that cover half of her face. The only life she knows is that of a slave, serving her sorcerer master every waking moment. Every day it is burned in her mind that he is the only one capable of loving her and her scars.

But when a thief is caught rifling through the wizard Ubel’s lair, Hag is shown kindness for the first time. Thus begins her journey to sever the ties between her and Ubel. Thrown into the real world and hunted for her hideous face, Hag’s path to finding herself is influenced by a talking lion, a heartbroken gypsy, and ultimately the truth of her past. But will she break the cursed bond between herself and her old master in time? Or will she sink back into the shadows, cast out by a world where inner beauty is a childish notion?

Copyright 2012 by Wynter Croix

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