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Ariadne Tucker works as a laborer on the west coast ice walls in the middle part of the 21st century, measuring the ice to see when management will have to get it frozen again. That's the problem with using angel magic to take land from the sea- it doesn't last forever, and if the wall should melt, all the reclaimed land would be flooded.

But despite their value to those in control of the walls, angels are nothing but slaves to their overlords, the humans; and Ari's heart has been set on freeing them for as long as she cares to think about. When the angel Gabriel escapes capture, she's given the chance to help him break humanity's hold over the angels by destroying the only weapon that can hurt them. And she knows, somewhere deep, nagging at her, that she'll have to choose: to help the angels and stab her own people in the back, or rise up and fight against the injustice that weighs so heavily on her heart.

Copyright 2013 by Annika Lee

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