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Mr. S.

The year is 3470. China and Russia have destroyed each other in a nuclear war. America is a socialist nation and has fallen from being one of the wealthiest nations to one of the poorest. And a General has taken over England, ruling with martial law. Few nations are left standing. The nuclear side effects of the world’s actions cause life expectancy to be reduced to a mere 37 years. But not all are affected. A few teenagers around the world have had strange side effects to the nuclear wars….and in a most fascinating way. Scared and bewildered by their new found powers, they strive to keep them hidden. But some one else has their eyes on them. When a secret organization begins kidnapping these teens, wiping them of their memories, and using them for their own ends, no one retaliates. Except for one. One who remembers. And he’s not alone.

DMAG was all the life Jaq could remember. Every day, we woke up from a sedated sleep, trained with his teammates, ate with his teammates, then went straight back into a sedated sleep. But now he remembered something else. Her. He remembered her. What was her name? Who was she? Why was he remembering things? And then came the mission. And of all people who he was to collect, it had to be her. Grey eyes.

Copyright 2010 Janae Leeke

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