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Project Theta

Mr. S.

The IPGS Rigil Kent is travelling between Earth and Telepylus, humanity's first colony outside its native solar system. However, the routine trip starts to go terribly wrong, beginning with a simple, anonymous message to Subject Nineteen Theta, a passenger on board the ship. The message tells him to find the captain, but when he does he is thrust into the web of secrets that the ship is full of. With limited time, he and his squad must try to solve what is going on before the ship tears itself apart.

But, the deeper he goes, the more convoluted everything becomes, and soon Theta is left wondering who are his allies and who is out to kill him, and why. Can he trust the anonymous person who sent the message that got him into the mess? Or are they just leading him along? Will Theta figure it out in time, or will the entire ship and the thousands of lives on board be destroyed?

Copyright 2011 Kyle de Waal

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