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Of Lavron

Bria (Staff)

Prince Alec wishes for nothing more than to see his brother, Costel, crowned king of Lavron. He waits anxiously for the day when he no longer must bow to his tyrannical father, Peadar. When the Crown Prince is kidnapped, however, amidst a wave of tension and intrigue from the neighboring kingdom – Gravaire, Alec’s honor is at stake as those he once trusted turn against him. Alec must escape from the ties that bind him to Lavron or lose Costel, and forever be subject to suspicion and scorn. As he sets forth to find the Crown Prince, he realizes that there might be much more at stake than the mysteriously unstable world in which he lives, and that more lives have been affected by his family than he ever wanted to believe.


Copyright 2015 by Ellie Gardiner

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