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Hosanna House


I live in a nightmare, one that I can’t wake up from. Hosanna House is a huge smear of black paint on the canvas of my existence. Next to that inky mark is a second smudge, just as dark and even more threatening. I feel trapped. He scares me, but I can’t explain why—I promised I wouldn’t.

I’m told I’m rebellious, little better than a witch or a whore. If only they knew my reasons, they would understand. To change my mind they sent me here to Hosanna House, where if I don’t toe their line I’m forced into cooperating or else. How they can do some of these things in the name of Christ is beyond me.

Can’t they see that I’m scared? I just want love and the freedom to be who God designed me to be, freedom to be me—without him. They’re forcing my hand. I don’t like to fight, but they’ve left me with no other option.

Copyright 2012 by Hannah Mills

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