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Mr. S.

Kittie Shaw’s bizarre headaches are back for the first time in months. Her neighbor and only friend has just moved away after a startling accident, and Kittie thinks that the shock of all this is what caused her illness.

Then her brother disappears, and she’s convinced that the only person who loves her is gone.

She knows it’s not a coincidence, and as if the headaches that always come as premonition aren’t enough to assure her of that, two strangers arrive at her house acting like they know her. Kittie has to find her brother, but in the sudden chaos of the city and everything that she’s learning about herself, she can barely even keep her own thoughts intact. She wants no more than to forget the evil forces that are engulfing her world, but everyone has to face their fears someday. Surrounded by death and wrongness, Kittie must find truth.

Copyright 2011 Rebekah Swank

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