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Fable Weaver

Words have power. Especially for Linnet Fairweather, a fable weaver whose words have more influence over storybook characters than she realizes.

When fiction’s worst villain escapes the prison of Tierra Fabula--the place characters go when their stories are over--and begins launching evil into the real world, Linnet is forced to enter the pages of legend. The only way to prevent both worlds from spinning out of control is to face the dark sorceress in the place of her greatest power--the world of books.

With the help of her guardian changelings, Linnet must step from one reality into another. But can the last fable weaver find the right words to battle the most twisted villain ever written? Or will the barrier between the real and the imaginary come crashing down forever?

Copyright 2008 Carlie Gernhart

OYAN Note: Because CWP published this book, only the first chapter is available online.

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I have this book. ;D You can get it on the website. My brother loves it too; the plot twists are hilarious.

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