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The first time James deClope met Stelle deBlothe, she was dead. Murdered in the Society of Time Travelers, in an office which was locked from the inside, she had a bullet hole through her chest in an age of high-tech weaponry. Her library was a mess, with papers scattered all over the floor, seemingly trampled in haste. What's weirder is the vigilante who seems to know that it was about to happen and shows up just as James realizes something is wrong.


He finds himself tangled in a complex mystery with only four real witnesses: Silver, the masked vigilante; Ponch deLour, the famous musician; Noshe boDour, the Wierthen Chromehead; and one bewildered teenage intern who throws up on the floor when he sees the scene of the murder. Oh yeah, that's James. And if James is going to get anywhere, he's going to have to step up to the plate and find the murderer, before they strike again.


Copyright 2016 by J. Tobias Buller

Edited by Nairam

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I just finished reading this in one day! (would've been one sitting, but my sister interrupted me). I usually don't read any book that fast! It was real good!

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It kept me up a little late, but I flew through the whole thing in one reading. I loved your story. I love mysteries and sci-fi and your story was so much "YES!".


Thank you.

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