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Broken Glass King


The United Kingdom of the future institutes kings using a structured contest that tests the smartest brains and the strongest brawns of the country in a contest for the Crown. Kell is an expert in creating chemical formulas, but he’s also an orphan, a Debtor who legally is an indentured servant working in a chemical factory. Being a contestant in the Contest for the Kingship would be considered by most glamorous. But Kell’s past is more criminal than royalty, and his identity is a slave, not an Heir.

The prize is the Kingship. The punishment is the devastation of his home and everyone he loves. Kell’s skills in chemical mixing may give him the crown. But what is more likely is that his promise to protect of his family will bring down more than just the government and destroy the shredding fabric of the Debtor’s Slums.

Copyright 2013 by Abby Walsh

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