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Raekel is a changeling - not a true fairy - but she's chosen to be this year's Fairy Godmother to the Cindereya, a girl chosen every five years to gain fairy assistance in making her presentable for the Great Ball. Rae is sure it'll be an irritating and boring experience. Then two things happen: she finds out that she knows her Cindereya, a girl named Exal. Then, on the eve of the Ball, Exal is kidnapped by the Girl in White - a ghost who also has connections to Rae's past.

Rae hates Exal because of who she is, but there's more than just Rae's convenience at stake - the Girl In White plans to use Exal, as well as other magic-touched people, to strengthen her mind-bending powers. Aided by a talking cat, Exal's ugly stepsister, the Crown Prince, and the Prince's servant, Rae sets out to save the world. But Rae's carrying a lot of baggage - how can she fix the world if she can't even fix herself?

Copyright 2012 by Collin Anne Suttle

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