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  5. Ortensia


    Wow I love it! I think it's very creative to have it take place in a not-often visited world. Great job!!
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  7. Book Boy

    An Imperfect Utopia

    This sounds like a science fantasy novel from the synopsis.
  8. Book Boy

    Brian's Hammer

    Honestly, this book is really confusing and has alot of spelling and grammatical errors.
  9. Book Boy

    Imagine Magic

    I just read the synopsis and I already sympathize with this charrie...
  10. Megan365

    What is Fear?

    For those of you interested, I have started writing the sequel and have it posted on the OYAN forum here:
  11. ashbash


    Thank you so much for the feedback. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
  12. Megan365

    What is Fear?

    thank you so much dude! ahhhhhh thank you xD <3 wow, that's awesome! you're a fast reader o.o that is a great idea, I'll get to work on that
  13. Jasmine2018

    What is Fear?

    also can we add Ryo to the real world please?????? Loved his character
  14. Jasmine2018

    What is Fear?

    <333333333 I could not put this book down. I actually read it all in one day!!!!! love it so muchhhhhhhhh
  15. Book Boy

    Do You Know Who I Am?

    Y u no have synopsis?
  16. Book Boy

    More Then Meets The Eye

    O__O this is the almost the same genre/ideals as my novel!!!
  17. Book Boy

    Before the Storm

    Y u no have synopsis?
  18. Book Boy

    Sunset of Freedom

    Y u no have synopsis?
  19. Book Boy

    A False Knight's Tale

    Y u no have synopsis?
  20. Book Boy


  21. Alex Rane


    I read this a while ago, and just now saw that I could comment my thoughts. This was so amazing! I loved the characters and story world, and the fast-paced action. <3 And I definitely echo God’sGrace’s words - R.E.M. was fabulous.
  22. ashbash


    Oh, my goodness! Thank you for your kind words. I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks again!
  23. God'sGrace


    I read this book in a few hours. It had awesome, almost breathless, action that kept me turning the pages (or scrolling the screen ), and I quickly felt connected to the characters and emotionally invested in the story. Loved it!
  24. Book Boy

    To Destroy a Coat of Arms

    Y u no have synopsis?
  25. Book Boy

    Caged Vengeance

    Y u have no synopsis?
  26. Book Boy

    Warrior Heart

    Y u no have synopsis?
  27. Book Boy


    Y u no have synopsis?
  28. Book Boy

    Under the Weather

    Wow. This reminds me of an OLD novel idea I had about a boy whose emotions could control the weather!!
  29. Book Boy

    Chasing Justice

    Y u no have synopsis?
  30. Book Boy

    A Walk in the Sun

    Y u no have synopsis?
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